About Ana and Scott (and Chick Pea & Bug)

Ana, Your Online Reading Coach

Hi! My name is Ana. Simply put…I love teaching and the awesome process of learning. I am a huge fan of life-long learning and have a personal quest to learn new things every day. In the spirit of learning, I created (along with Scott) Reading Coach Online to help parents teach their kids how to become successful readers. I’m a former school teacher and reading coach turned educational reading consultant, and I possess a rather dorky passion for reading. I am now loving every minute at home with our little girls!

Some of our friends who home school their kids came to me for support in teaching their kids to read and in getting started with the whole process. While gathering information from them about their techniques and chosen curricula, I realized that all these parents needed was a little guidance. They needed to learn how to sort through all of the information about reading instruction and how to deliver quality lessons. That’s when it hit me…I can help! I can share my knowledge and provide a service that really helps parents give their kids the best gift, the ability to read well.

Once your kids learn how to read, the focus can then be shifted to showing them how to read to learn – which is the ultimate goal and purpose of reading! This is where I can help. Anyone can go out and get their hands on the available research on reading instruction, but who has the time and/or the desire to sift through the educational jargon? While I admit that I have vast knowledge on the subject, I don’t claim to be a PhD or an expert on reading research. Instead, I’m an experienced educator who has been in the trenches and can deliver valuable, effective, and (most importantly) useful information to parents in an easily digestible format that can be applied at home.

I hope you enjoy our site and learning as much as you can to help those you love most. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thanks for visiting!

Scott, Ana’s Technical Helper and Sidekick

Hi! I’m Scott. I’m basically just like you guys as I have a strong desire to provide the best for our children. My background is in computer engineering, so my knowledge on being an educator is pretty limited. I’m looking forward to using the information Ana provides here to help foster a love for reading and learning in our daughters. They are both still very young, but our decision to home school them has prompted me to try and learn as much as I can. I’m hoping that the skills and strategies I’m developing by being involved in this process will ensure I don’t miss out when I’m presented with those “teachable moments” as they grow and mature.

So I’m right here asking questions and learning along with you! Of course, I’m very lucky to have in-person access to Ana. Believe it or not, we really do talk about reading and learning around our house–a lot. I’m doing my best to make sure I remember to ask the same questions here that I ask at home so that we can all share in the answers and discussions.

Ana and I are both really passionate and excited about helping other parents give their kids the gift of lifelong learning through reading, and we’re very fortunate that we get to combine our skill sets and work on something together to do just that. Let me know if there are features you’d like to see added to the site or if you are having trouble navigating or using the site. Our goal is to develop the best resource we can for you guys!