Helpful Links

  • A to Z Home’s Cool
    As its title suggests, this site is THE site for anything homeschooling! Check it out for wonderful resources of all types.
    Family friendly online bookstore–great prices, and community input.
  • Childtopia
    Great resource for games, reading/listening comprehension, art, and more. Read stories in different langauges!
  • Cody’s Cuentos
    Classic children’s fairytales…in Spanish. Great way to expose your child to a different version of their favorite tale!
  • Free Classic Audio
    The name says it all! A great place to listen to and download classic books. It’s really nice to have when exposing your kids to text beyond their ability.
  • No Time For Flash Cards
    An awesome site that shares tons of activities that you can do with kids to promote learning, play, and discovery!
    Just plain silly. Read books authored by kids. You can even have your child’s story published!
  • Storynory
    Free audio stories for kids. Great for reading along for fluency practice!
  • Wordworld
    PBS created a site where characters live in a world made of words – even the characters are made of words! Very cool and innovative.